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Women Who Sail is a group for women and non-binary sailors to come together to share insights, tips, questions, excitement, and most importantly support over what it’s like to be a woman in the boating world.

Women Who Sail was founded in 2011. Since its inception, it has grown to a group of over 15,000 members including sub-groups all over the world with an additional 16,000 members.

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Meet a few of our Members


Janine Georgette

Janine Georgette, a theater artist and gonna-be sailor, recently found herself called to the sea. Her fierce determination to learn to sail, even without the money to do so, caused a stir when her Humans of New York interview went viral. She’s in NYC, on stage and on the water!

Photo credit: Humans of New York.



Susie goodall

Susie Goodall is the youngest and only woman competing right now in the Golden Globe Race 2018. Originally created in 1968 the race is celebrating its 50th anniversary and is being run exactly as it was 50 years ago, 30,000 miles around the world, non-stop, alone, with no outside assistance (no technology). Susie is one of only 18 sailors competing in what should take approximately nine months of solo sailing to complete. She is a lifelong sailor and offshore and ocean sailing instructor from England. You can follow Susie on the Golden Globe Race website or her own as well. Our entire group is cheering for you, Susie!



Lin Pardey

Lin Pardey has voyaged more than 210,000 miles on boats ranging from 24 feet to more than 60. Her seminars, 12 books and 5 videos, have encouraged thousands of potential voyagers to set sail. After 47 years of voyaging she settled in New Zealand to care for Larry Pardey through his decline due to Parkinson’s disease and dementia. With Larry in full time care, she has once again set sail towards Australia and beyond as crew on David Haigh’s 40 foot Van de Stadt, Sahula.



Autumn Ware

Autumn Ware lives aboard the Sea Shanti, a 1974 Cooper Seabird sailboat, with her husband, teenage son, a dog, and two cats. She’s in the throes of writing the second adventure novel in her Perilous and Sparks series, and she poorly maintains a blog about life as a boat hobo.



Beth Ogg

Beth is a twice survivor of Open Heart Surgery, mother/wife/artist with an aortic aneurysm, aortic regurgitation, Crohn's and PCOS. Her favorite sailing exposure was through the Mountaineers in WA. Her family cut dock lines in May to travel the world. You can follow their OGGventures on Facebook.



Elizabeth Tyler

Artist Elizabeth Tyler, born 1946, sails singlehanded in the Mediterranean. Her paintings have been exhibited worldwide and she also holds inspirational talks. She says it helps being an artist on board a boat. When you have neither the right tools, knowledge, nor practice, you have to use ingenuity, imagination and patience.



“The key to our group’s success is our members. When an entire group focuses on being kind and helpful, amazing things happen.”

charlotte kaufman  |  Founder

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