the World’s First Boating Magazine for Women

Thirty years ago, a woman sailor, Ruth Boydell, launched the world’s first magazine for women on the water: SisterShip.

After many years in drydock SisterShip Magazine has now been refitted by Jackie Parry and Shelley Wright and is underway again. Written by women for women and their families, SisterShip is an international magazine with the ethos:


Belong: Share passions with like-minded people;

Encourage: Support women, assist, advise, share, trust;

Inspire: Creating ideas, thoughts, hopes, dreams;

Inform: Promote safety, topical, newsy, fresh, detail; and

Entertain: Be exciting, new, fun, rich, safe, honest, reliable.

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SisterShip is run by Jackie Parry and Shelley Wright, who also run Women Who Sail Australia.


Jackie Parry is professional and recreational captain. She has sailed around the world one-and-a-half times and has worked internationally. Jackie is an instructor of professional level maritime courses and was one of the first female rescue skippers in NSW. She gives talks on sailing and coastal navigation and has written five nautical books. Jackie is the co-editor of SisterShip Magazine and SisterShip Press (book publishing).

Jackie Parry

Jackie Parry

Shelley Wright

Shelley Wright

Dr Shelley Wright is a scientist, freelance writer and co-editor of SisterShip Magazine and SisterShip Press. Shelley has a Degree in Archaeology and Palaeoanthropology, an Honours Degree and PhD in Quaternary Science, and a Master of Environmental Advocacy. She began sailing in 1986 on the Great Barrier Reef coast of Australia and is passionate about the marine environment and life on the water. She is the founder of the Women Who Sail Australia group and the ‘Gathering on the Bay’ annual sailing conference for women in Australia.


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What people are saying about SisterShip

“…There are many boating magazines targeted mainly at men so it is about time one was specifically for women…” Kay Cottee, first woman to sail solo, non-stop and unassisted around the world.

“It excites me to see so many women entering the realm of sailing, not just as partners on their husband’s or boyfriend’s boats, but as skippers, captains and successful racers….” Lin Pardey, one of the world’s most recognised cruising sailors.

“Sailing, in all its aspects, is just as much a female world of enjoyment as a male world…” Jeanne Socrates, single-handed sailor, circumnavigator – twice around Cape Horn, three times around the globe.

“…it’s a great initiative. It’s fantastic to see the way that nautical women like to support each other….” Jessica Watson, youngest person to sail solo, non-stop around the world.

“What a great idea…” Tracy Edwards MBE, Founder of The Maiden Factor.

“I wanted to wish you and your amazing team of women a huge success for your re-launch of the SisterShip Magazine. It is so heart-warming to see a magazine written by female sailors and supporting female sailors and I feel proud to be a part of your journey. I will be an avid reader and love the encouragement and support that your magazine offers to women on the water. As the only women-focused sailing magazine out there you should all be standing proud of the positive work you will undertake…” Lisa Blair – first woman to sail solo around Antarctica.

 “…From my many years editing Cruising Helmsman magazine, I know all too well the challenges facing females on the water and a publication like SisterShip catering specifically for women is a great idea… I’m sure many a male will still be stealing a quick look when they get the chance, as a good read is always a good read…” Caroline Strainig, former Editor Cruising Helmsman.

Disclaimer: SisterShip Magazine is not affiliated with, but is endorsed by, Women Who Sail.